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A Less Appealing Promise Kept…

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… serves you better than making an appealing promise you can’t, won’t, or don’t keep.

I learnt this from Mr. Dan S. Kennedy.

In 2021 (and beyond), promises unkept are the norm.

Work delivered within 3 days? No, more like a week.

Meet at 9? Expect 9:10.

Promise keeping is such a rarity.

It is very hard to find someone keeping their promises.

Be the light.

Be the rare ones that keep their promises, even if the promise does not sound all that “appealing” and you are tempted to make greater promises that you have less of a chance in keeping.

This way, you stand out.

Hope this helps.

Do thank Mr. Dan S. Kennedy as well. He created this, not me. I am just delivering this to you like a messenger, hoping that this would help you in your life just like how it helps me.