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A little “Wisdom Nugget” from Dan S. Kennedy

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Dear Readers,

If you are looking to improve yourself in 2022, to live a better live, have better relationships, live more, stress less, look no further.

May I introduce you to a great, wise man, Dan S. Kennedy.

I was reading one of his book tonight and want to make a quick note about what he wrote here.

He said, it is very important to have congruent behaviour.

Congruent with what?

Congruent with the behaviour of people already achieving the goals you want to achieve, already living the kind of life you want to live.

This is called “modelling”.

Find them, study them, model them. And model their behaviour.

Don’t worry too much about their thinking or attitudes. It’s what they do and how they do it that matters most.

Implement it today.

Meanwhile I gotta go back to the book.

Book name not revealed for obvious reason – most people would not even read that book even I give out that book title here.

I have a feeling that you are different, *squinting eyes*, are you?

We will see. *smirk*

Talk soon.

Ryan L.