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A story of oranges

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Once upon a time there is a orange, hanging out at his usual spot on his tree.

One day, when the orange was talking to other oranges, making fun of apples, which is what oranges tend to do, he noticed a dark spot on his side.

“Oh no”. Embarrassed and don’t want anyone to see, he tried to hide the spot. He turned only one way to talk. His friends noticed he suddenly seem to get quieter he seem to have less things to say he seem to be less happy. And they also noticed that he seemed to hide one side from them.

Now this went on for weeks until one day Ryan Leung is playing under that tree, and when Ryan is done he looked up to see the unhappy, alone orange. Ryan said, “yo bro what’s up! You look like you could be doing better.” The orange replied, “no man I’m my I’m fine… it’s nothing” Ryan replied, “screw you, talk to me, I’m a genius, I have ridiculous DNA and I write awesome fruit metaphors you can tell me.” Orange laughed and said, “okay fine life is great everything is great, until a few weeks ago I noticed this dark spot on my side, can you see it?”

And he tried to show it to Ryan. “Can you see it?” Ryan said, “No I don’t see it.”  “Look really closely from this angle its more obvious when you do.” Ryan moved to a different angle and finally spotted it and said “oh that little thing, ok yeah I see that.” Orange continues, “ok so I got that spot and I don’t want any my friends to see it. it’s embarrassing. what if Tiffany saw it. so I’ve just been so concerned about hiding it from everyone, that all I’ve been doing and thinking of and I’ve done a good job of hiding it but now I can never just relax and be free and happy like I used to because I was worried about it.” The orange made a sad face.

Ryan smirked for a second and said, “You silly orange.” The orange replied, “what?!”. Ryan said, “I’m gonna impart a little wisdom on you little orange. One because I like you and two, because I’m hungry and I want your cousin the other orange over there in a second so listen closely.” Ryan continued, “there is this psychology thing that researchers have discovered called the spotlight effect. And this affect states that we think other people are paying far more attention to us than they actually are. its natural that we would think that because we are always thinking about ourselves but it’s for that same reason no one is actually paying any attention to us because they’re always thinking about themselves too. So that little spot on you would’ve gone entirely unnoticed to anyone just like it was to me. It’s only when you made a big deal of it did it become a big deal. and that’s what you’ve done here. By changing all your behaviour just trying to hide something that no one really care about or notice anyway.” Ryan went on to say, “I gotta go in a second dude, as I have to build my pillow empire but I will take you to a little lesson on human nature, eat your cousin and I will get out of here. orange begged, “tell me! tell me!!”

“One of the greatest gifts that you can give to yourself and others is simply not giving a thing. Say what you feel what you want and want what you do and then keep rolling and growing and rolling some more. Because even if you had a giant dark spot on you but it was clear in your behaviour and actions that you simply didn’t care, what do you think all your orange friends think of that.”

Orange replied, ” I don’t care what they think. I don’t give a thing!”. “That spirit, ” said Ryan, ” I am not finished yet. There is one final point I need to unleashed on you. If you had a giant spot on you and you didn’t give a shat, all of your friends will notice just one main thing: they noticed, damm! He really doesn’t give a thing. He is free. He is unapologetic. He is positive. Just a total joy to be around. oranges love other oranges that don’t give a thing. they admire it and they want to be around it because they know some of that is going to rub off on them too. Ironically people are exactly the same. So my little orange homie, not only does it make you feel wonderful and free, but it’s actually a rare and sought after gift to give to everyone else around you too.” it was at this point Ryan took the orange’s cousin ate his cousin in front of him and then took off.