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A Little App I love

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Hey dear readers! How are you doing? We didn’t WhatsApp we didn’t Signal you didn’t hit me up on my IGDM, no Snapchat no inbox… What’s going on???

Anyways. Time for something valuable.

App Recommendation.

Don’t download this unless you are serious.

And this is not for everyone.

It might not be for you.

It’s just something I found very valuable for myself.

Let’s get to the point: The App is called “Audible”.

Here’s an image of it.

Download it. Join their high tier plan in which you can purchase an audiobook title of your choice with a credit every month.

Done. You’re welcome.

Again this is not for everyone, it’s okay if you don’t think that’s for you. You are still good.

Have a beautiful beautiful day.

Ryan Leung

P.S. Without this App, I probably would be a different person today. I have learnt a lot just by listening to the audiobooks when I am working out, stuck in the traffic etc.