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Assibility and delayed gratification

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Not a typo. Assibility.

It is a word coined by Gary Vee, defined as “the ability to sit on your ass and get the work done”.

This is profound.

Many people these days are not able to get themselves stuck in a chair and get their work done without having their mind wandering somewhere else.

The ability for you to sit on your ass and get the work done would give you an unfair advantage over others.

It is hard. Especially when distractions are basically everywhere these days. The fact that you are reading this has showed me that you are somewhat different from the rest. You’ve got this.

Another point I want to make before I get out of here is the concept of delayed gratification. It is a concept created by psychology experts. Basically, researches have found that people who are able resist the temptation today and wait for the long term results are those who would achieve more in the end.

The research goes as follow: the researchers got a group of kids in a room, showed them a plate full of candies, cookies and all sorts of snacks. Then the researchers told the kids that they could either get one piece of their favourite snacks right now, or wait for 30 minutes, when they would be rewarded with two pieces.

Some kids take their piece on the spot, while others waited.

Most kids go for the one piece right on the spot.

The researchers marked down their choices, asked the parents for their contact info, and tracked the kids’ life for a few decades after that.

What they found is that those kids who waited for 30 minutes back then, have better academic results, have more successes in life, and live a happier life.

You want to achieve your dream. You want to be a better person. You want to create a better life for yourself and people you love.

Keep working and let the reward come. It may not come in the near future. It is perfectly fine. Wait for it, do not fall for short term pleasure, go for the delayed gratification.

Be a visionary.

Ryan Leung