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The “tiny” difference between you and Elon Musk

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Hey. Didn’t see you there. How are you doing — BUT Before you answer, lemme tell you that I’ve been feeling incredible, because… wow, oh wow. Your bro Ryan Leung has just finished a book, a great book in fact, in the last 3 days. What’s that lucky chosen book you may ask? —> Atomic Habits by James Clear

Fabulous book. It goes DEEP into habit building. How you build good habits, how you end bad ones, etc. HEY, I am not going to read you the whole book here, but, since you are smelling good today, don’t know if its that’s your perfume or anything, HEY, stop making me distracted. You. Stop. Okay, so since you are smelling good today, plus that I am feeling happy right now, I am going to write you a little tip that I learnt from the book, that, in fact has the power to change your life.

Listen up.

Have you ever tried to build a good habit, but then you missed once?

We as humans will miss things once in a while. We are not perfect. This is ok.

Look. Missing once is an accident, missing twice is the start of a new habit.

Be on the look out and never miss something TWICE. If you miss twice, you are pretty much f@&!ed.

When you miss one time, be sure to follow it up with a mitigating action. e.g. You missed a workout, so you make sure you will do one the next day.

Don’t miss twice.

Too often, we fall prey to an “all or nothing” mentality. We think since we are not perfect, we pretty much done and should not do it at all –> Completely wrong, bad thinking.

Effective people like Elon Musk don’t do this. They will think to themselves, “hmmm, the breaking of a habit doesn’t matter if the reclaiming of it is fast enough. Its okay I made a mistake of not sticking to it today. Let me get back to it tomorrow, so that in the long run, it becomes a habit and benefit me for years to come.

BTW, that’s a direct quote from the book.

If this help you in any way, probably, maybe, you should check out the book.


But it is 23:55 here now. I gotta sleep or else my dress and my glossy little high heel shoes are gonna vanish into thin air.

Ryan Leung