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Bad Market, Strong Man.

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A quick piece that I want to put it right here:

God wills that I be sick, such is my will. He wills that I should choose something, so do I. He wills that I reach for something, or something be given to me – I wish for the same. What God doesn’t will, I do not wish for. – Epictetus

At this point of time as I am writing this (2 Nov 2022), the market in Hong Kong is, let just say far from ideal, especially for us being in like a “general-public-facing consumer goods market”.

Let’s not dig deeper into this rabbit hole.

*keeping that negativity away from ourselves*

So today I want to share this new knowledge for you real quick.

On second thought, it is not knowledge, but a perspective. A knowledge is something that is hard and fixed, but a perspective is a way of seeing things, which could be applied everywhere. Learn perspectives, not knowledge.

Anyways. The perspective I want to share with you is: Acceptance of things being God’s plan.

And actively wish for the same. If you face a certain situation, first you would see this as God’s plan, then you would wish for the same. After all, it is all good. If something is not happening, accept that as God’s plan as well.

Let that rage/ that dissatisfaction/ that little urge to change things in your mind leaves.

Don’t hold on to your desires.

I first learnt this from Epictetus. Wise man. Learnt a lot of things from him.

That is all for me today.