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Being finally free

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It has been a long time I’ve tried to live two lives.

Probably since I got into a secondary school (ie. 12 onwards), I have always have some sort of “side projects” going on in my life, all initiated by myself

It could be an android app that I was working on, a video project, an online forum for students, etc. Re Pillow Co. is one of them.

But until about 3 months ago, I was running all these while I was still studying. I was always “juggling responsibilities”. It was incredibly hard but I sort of got used to it.

Now I did not write this to brag or anything (seriously there’s nothing to brag in this study while working on a side project thing.

What I wanted to say is: these painful experiences of balancing things, very good for you to develop a strong mind and adopting quality .

Keep going.

Best regards,