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The best thing you can do in a storm that guarantee results

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What should you do when you are in a storm and things are getting so hard? In this short piece of blog, I will share what I am currently doing when things are getting so hard (as they indeed are!). I believe that this thing that I am about to share would guarantee results for you, if you implement it today.

This tip is called “keep on doing the right habits”.

In your life there should be a few things that you should be doing consistently, maybe not daily, but close to that kind of frequency. Not brushing your teeth, taking a shower… those are already presumed (or should they? I think one can easily get away with not brushing your teeth for a day or so… maybe;) Not saying I have any experience with that;))

What I am referring to here, is to keep doing what you should be doing, aka investing in yourself. It could be your physical health, it could be your mental health, it could be things that are beneficial to your relationships and your interpersonal skills, or it could be skills/ knowledge building.

When you are so confused about what future holds for you, when you are in a storm, don’t try to force things. Resist that urge. Keep calm and collected and return to practising these good habits. Keep investing in yourself. Don’t look outside. Work on yourself.

I first learnt this in a month-long video programme on self development about 5 years ago and I have been keep practising this.

I do have my own “self-improvement checklist” or some people would say “daily ritual” but that’s another story… a lot of people want to know what’s my secret but that would be saved for another occasion. Surely not just put it right here on the blog.

Anyways. Its nearly 12AM now but I will still work on one self development thing first, after that’s done in about 40 minutes, I will retire for today.

Keep going man. You’ve read this far and given that most people could not even read a paragraph these days, this is surely a sign that you have everything in you to conquer everything in life.



P.S. Random picture haha