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Comparison Creates Pain

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Take a moment and think about the pain you are currently suffering.

Everything you are suffering now, be it money, people, work… are all because you have comparisons in your head.

What you are calling “problems”, are because things are not going the way you think they are “supposed to be“.

Notice that language.

Supposed to be“.

Take a step back here and think, where did you get the idea of what is something that is “supposed to be”?

Society, your surroundings, your parents, teachers, friends…

They give you “ideals” on how things “supposed to be”. We don’t even notice it.

And you compare your situation with what “supposed to be”, only finding out that “Oh Sh*t! Things are not going on well”

But… what if there are many ways this can turn out?

How can you be 100% sure, don’t ever doubt it, don’t ask about it that things must be the best for you if it goes the way you think it is “supposed to be”?

Don’t you also, like many others, have had experiences where things did not go the way you want first, but ends up better than ever?

And… what if there is no “supposed to be”?

All the pain that you are currently suffering, is in some form based on comparisons in your mind.

Comparisons with all those little ideals on how things are “supposed to be“.

Let go of comparisons, and you are free.

Gonna go drink another liter of water while finding a nice pic to add here.

maybe a ugly one.

or maybe none

sounds right. ltteing goooo of whta sppuosed to be. like the splleing hree.