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This Guy Interviews all the Famous People

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Hey you! How you been? Ryan here again typing up some bookies nooties. Yes I am feeling a litties bitties funnies nowies. 


I have just finished the book the Compound Effect by this guy called Darren Hardy recently. Darren is a man who interviews those famous and successful people in the world (people like Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Bill Gates…) and he puts what he found in common among these people in the last 20 years in this book — the Compound Effect.

The Compound Effect states that when you take small, near unnoticeable actions daily, they would compound up and gave you hugely different outcome in the long term.

e.g. eat just merely 100 kcal less a day would result in nothing in a week or so, but will result in huge weight loss in a year.

Now that’s some not so surprising facts…

But what I really like is the follow up story he told, a metaphor that makes this stick.

Here it is —> You are living back thousands years ago before Jesus was even born. You’ve got no running water and people usually get their water from the river far away daily. You’ve some scientist type of friend (hmmm are there even scientists back then, I am not a historian) and he invented a water drawing mechanism that can draw underground water from deep down to the ground via this “Pump” he invented. You pump the water out from the underground by stepping on the steppers attached to the pump machine he invented. 

However, the process of pumping is tough. It is tiring. And the worst part is you never know if it is working until the first drop of water comes out from the machine, which could be long time after you started pumping.

Do you trust that it would work? Or would you fall back to the safe path everybody is taking, going to the river and get you water there?

This is YOUR choice. I am not advocating any way or another.

Darren says this is life in a nut shell.

And once you’ve got the first few drops of water, people would laugh at you — “working so hard just in exchange for these few drops of water? What a joke hahaha”

But then if you keep going there would be streams and streams of water, coming endlessly from the well, like a fountain. Needless to say it is much better than the “go to the river and get water” option.


Thats all from me today. Have a wonderful evening.

Talk soon.