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Dear Reader,

The following has completely no knowledge, no value, no actual takeaways whatsoever. If you are shopping for new motivation, new knowledge, new thoughts and philosophies, do head to my other posts or to even other people’s posts. This is not the one for you. Do leave now if you are not ready for this post.

I will wait.


I just want to take this opportunity to congratulate you for your hurricane effort you’ve put in your life. We are in such an unpredictable, every-changing world right now and you have made it clear to the world that you are so capable, you have made it so far. You have gone through challenges one after another.

You are doing great.

I feel like there is not enough acknowledgement for your effort given by the world, so I figured I should give it to you today.

You deserve it.

I will always be here for you, providing value to you as we continue to figure out how to move forward in this “new normal” – together.