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Delayed Results

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Picture of the Hong Kong Science Park. Not in any way connected with them though.

What you are seeing right now, at this moment, is a result of some form of actions you’ve taken or not taken earlier.

Let that sink in for a moment.

In other words, the life you are having right now, is somewhat related to something you’ve done in the past.

That means two things:

Number #1: You have complete responsibility of your own life. Don’t say oh its my environment, oh its because of this person, oh its because of that person… I am such an unfortunate… Stop! Yes I know! These people or these situations you are in somewhat are indeed not what you wanted or intended, but isn’t that you are also somehow able to do something about it to mitigate or remedy the situation? You can leave that environment, let that person go, and so on, to make it better for yourself. Man up, and with all the responsibility you just acquired, you have power and control over things now.

Number #2: The quote implies that there is a time gap between an action and a result, which means it could sometimes be incredibly hard to keep being motivated when you are doing the right thing or on the flip side, notice that you have lagged behind in the race with yourself. You thought what you are doing is enough, but it is not. That is the problem.

In the past year, I have had instances that I fell for mediocracy, I was not aware of it and soon I realised a month has passed, and another as well… so on so forth. It is very hard to detect until you looked back. I know I could have worked harder. I just gave it my 70% when I could have gave it my all. My productivity could have been better. I could have said NO to more invites, and work hard and work more.

I guess we all have these moments. Just wanted to share this little wisdom with you today so you can also benefit from it.

Let’s do it together. Yes, it is going to be hard but lets do it.