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Discipline Be DAMNED!

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Look at the photo above

Relying on “discipline” is like adding sticks to the evil fire of procrastination

Remember that.

Many ppl will tell you you need discipline to keep going to the gym and succeed…

Which cannot be further from the truth…

Relying on discipline is a weak mindset on building anything.

Because in life, sometimes we just “don’t feel like it”. And discipline will say you have to “force yourself to make the thing happen”.

But in case you have been living under a rock, we all know that the human will is weak as a toothpick. It is not strong enough to keep you going. You cannot force yourself do a thing. Even if you can for a day, you cannot guarantee you can force yourself the next day. And worse, you won’t feel happy while doing it if you are communicating to your subconscious that you are “forcing yourself” to do a certain thing.

Now. I suggest you try a new, better way call “integrating into your life”.

This is an advanced concept so please bare with me for a second.

Unlike “discipline”, you don’t need to “force things”.

You just do a small thing a day. Then repeat it the next day. Then again. And again.

After 21 days it will become automatic. It is integrated into your life. Momentum will take care of it.

Having good habits integrated in your life can go with you a long way…

It is like brushing your teeth. Once it become a habit, you don’t need any discipline to do that thing. You don’t need to “force it happen”, because you face no resistence. You just do.

The differences between “discipline” and “habits” are that (1) you will not be reminded subconsciously and constantly that you are not enjoying the process by telling yourself that this is “habit building” instead of “being disciplined”. Your brain will pick on this language and thank you for it; (2) For habits, there is an emphasis on that it has to be small, little, easy-to-do chunks of your greater goal. It is a good way to build yourself gradually up to your goal, one small step at a time.

Hey. The mailman said today is a great day.

So let’s not waste it.

Ryan Leung