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Do Not Make Decisions During These Moments…

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Read this a while ago but has been very busy since then… but you know what? “Busy-ness” is just a subjective perception. You can see yourself busy having one or two tasks on hand, and you can see yourself still being pretty free with more on your shoulder than you can handle. So let that go.

Now let’s talk about the most important thing that you probably should know this year, and honestly something that I am sure will help you in your life, maybe even immediately, right now.

Today’s topic: when should you AVOID making decisions?

Yes, contrary to popular belief, you should not make decisions whenever you have to… there are times that you should NOT make any decisions.


H: Hungry

A: Angry

L: Lonely

T: Tired

These are pretty much self-explanatory, but let me add a few words here. We humans have existed for many many years, dating back to the days when we are caveman. Our brains do have some hardwiring back from those days. Our brains are still affected by certain signals that we “feel” with our bodies, and in those moments, the brain is not clear and cannot make rational, high level decisions that our society these days would require us to make.

Being hungry, angry and tired are pretty much easy to understand, but be careful with the L: being lonely, it is the one that many are not aware of. Mistakes are usually make when you are feeling lonely.

Afterall, back in the caveman days, we could not survive on our own (unlike today, our modern societies are built with such safety net that you would not die even if you are alone and do nothing at all), we seek to be a part of a tribe, a group, or being with other humans. We may not be the leader of the group, but we would have to be in some sort of group to survive in those days. For food. For shelter. You name it.

Avoid making decisions when you feel lonely. Our primal brain would use all means necessary to make a decision that is most in line with our peers’ expectation and that is most capable of putting ourselves back to some form of groups.

That might be safe, but it mitght not be the best decision for you at that moment.

Anyways, that’s it for me today. HALT. Remember, and thank me later:).

Written with love,