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Don’t hate the game (Personal Story)

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Hey man, how are you?

Ryan here back with another value to install into your beautiful subconscious… you are about to love this one.

But first, let me tell you a story.

About 5 years ago, Instagram introduces “Stories”, you know, the kind of posts that is vertical and disappears 24 hours after posting. I did not like it at first. I thought it is first, stupid, as it encourages people to put up things that have absolutely no value to our human race as a whole; secondly, it is a blatent copy of the concept of Snapchat’s Story.

I hated this Instagram story so much that for a long long time, I refused to update my Instagram app so that I would not have to see the row of “Stories” everytime I opened the App. I was not able to see my friends’ story, nor I posted any on it.

But one day, I accidentally clicked “Update” on Instagram while going through that long list of Apps to be updated on the App Store. I watched a pie go from 0-100, a full circle, while the App got updated. There was no way to go back.


I bravely clicked on the App, and was greeted with a new row of my best friends’ faces, lined up tidily together in colourful circles, on the front screen of the App.

I clicked onto one of these circles, then another, and another. Okay, it was pretty fun. I admitted I was missing out on something in the last few months.

What am I trying to say?

Don’t hate the game.


In this world there are surely things that you don’t like, things that you think is not right, it should not be done like that. I get it. Just like Instagram Stories to me back in 2016/17. But in this world, if you hate on that particular thing and refused to accept this reality, it is not beneificial for you. I am being very real here, as you may be able to sense. We are free to change the reality, to shape our planet into a better world. That is a very respectible act and truthfully I am also doing that now. But at the same time, before that day, we must, accept the reality as the things were right now. In other words, don’t hate the game. The rules might be unfair, it might not be right, but don’t hate it. Just accept it (for the time being), and focus on how to play better in this game, if you have chosen to play this game. Too many people, might not like a certain thing and what they did is just hate on it. But what they could do instead is see how they can utilise this unfavourable thing to their own advantage, how to put it into good use for the benefit of yourself. If you spent your time hating, you are not working, and you might be missing out on things that comes with the thing you hate.

This is the lesson for today.

Attached an old picture of me in the setting up of our Re Pillow Co. retail store.