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NEW WISDOM: Ask Dumb Questions

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I’ve recently had a chat with an experienced expert in my industry.

Honestly there were tons of times yesterday where I felt like an idiot.


Because I had no idea what she was talking about.

But HEY, I kept asking “dumb questions”.

And I didn’t judge myself for the things I do not yet understand.

Side note: Notice I use the word “not yet”.

BTW, a lot of people make this mistake way too often —> they avoid asking the “dumb questions”

Now think of how dumb this is:

You don’t want to look dumb so instead of asking the dumb question and yes, potentially looking dumb, you choose to look smart but remain dumb.

Have you seen this in others before? Have you made this mistake yourself? I have. And I paid the price, always.

I would have become much smarter today if I had asked more dumb questions in the past.

You’re welcome.

I’ve gotta go and have my breakfast.

Oats & whey.

R. L.