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Everything is a Muscle

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There are certain challenges that I am going through right now that I feel like it is so so hard. I would be so mad that I feel like what I am doing or trying to do is never possible. This feeling of “I cannot do it”, “it is just too impossible” has been sort of a recurring theme in the last 2 years. Happens once in a while. Quite frequently.

If you are challenging yourself putting yourself into some sort of crazy little projects and experiments which require a bit more than what you are currently capable of (btw, very good for you my friend) then I am sure you also have experienced the same. There are a few tips that I wanted to give you:

  1. Interpretation Awareness: How you interpret the situation is entirely up to you. The facts, the external environment wouldn’t change. That is just TRUTH. The FACTS of life. But however you can (1) see yourself as being capable and (2) view the situation in a different light, which I will go through in the following:
  2. View it as a growth opportunity: Understand that everything in this world is a MUSCLE. You can train it, you can improve it and make it stronger and bigger, like a muscle. E.g. you facing a situation where things didn’t go as expected when you expected it to be. In this situation, you are impatient about the results. Now. View patience as a MUSCLE. This event which makes you feel mad is a GROWTH OPPORTUNITY for you! For you to train your PATIENCE MUSCLE! This applies to everything. Take it and make the best use of the unchangeable situation you have got.
  3. Know that you are doing the right thing: It is a privilege to feel that you cannot do it, to feel defeated somehow. This shows that you are challenging yourself outside your capabilities. Very good. You are on the right track.
  4. Write it out. This is a personal tip from me. Write out your thoughts, both the negative and positive self talks. I always do this and feel better after doing so.

Hope this helps.