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Fav Book is WHAT??? (Mid 2022 Edition)

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Now before we dive in to the book list, I want to share a recent read with you, that I think you will benefit from, if you satisfied a certain criteria (I will talk about this later in this article).

Recently I’ve been reading the book 12 Rules for Life by Jordan B. Peterson. I first learnt about this book from an IG story of a celebrity I know. He wrote something like “best book I’ve read this year”. Immediately got the audiobook right away.

(Tip for YOU: It is very important to take action quickly after you have got a recommendation from someone you want to be more of, regardless of the circumstances and your internal dialogue with yourself. Too often, we let procrastination and excuses take charge, and never take the actions that we know are good for ourselves).

Anyways, started listening to the audio book on a train or something. half a chapter in, I was pretty impressed. It is one of those rare, more advanced books that delve deeper than the typical books in this genre. Immediately got myself an actual copy of the book in a bookstore nearby. If you are not afraid of reading a long book (this book is 400 pages long, printed in size 10 font), and you would like to have a new perspective in navigating life, go for it.

Now back to today’s topic:


okay okay… hold on, you are coming a bit too strong ;0) I know you want it, but, let us hold on a second and enjoy this moment first.


*one more second for extra tension building*

Okay let’s begin. I will have to preface this by saying I have read a lot of good books and it is not possible to name one or two favourite books.

However, below are a few books that I believe could be helpful for you.

My Recent Fav Book List (Mid 2022 Edition)

1. Happy Sexy Millionaire by Steven Bartlett:

Contrary to popular belief, this book is not about how to get rich or become sexy. ZERO words have been written on how to do both of those things, seriously. However, this book is about how we can become happy, fulfilled and satisfied with ourselves in this modern society where people are bombarded with social media postings, feeling sad and empty inside by looking at others’ beautiful lives on IG stories and posts. Further, the book also talked about how we can feel fulfilled with our lives when we are always unsatisfied with it, with our seemingly “soul-sucking” jobs and obligations. This book is a must-read in my opinion. It is also short and easy to read. I probably will read it again by the end of this year.

2. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle:

Have you ever dwell on the past for way too long, or worry about something in the future that have not yet happened? This short book talked about how you can combat these, by just a few simple thoughts and practices. Powerful tricks. Easily applicable and best of all, works like magic if you really give up your sense of self, trust the methods taught in the book wholeheartedly, like me and many of the other readers. You will thank yourself for doing that if you care about your mental health.

3. The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday

Ryan Holiday is one of my favourite authors of all time (probably right after MJ DeMarco), not just because of his beautiful first name. This man has impacted me significantly in the way I think and look at things in life. This book, The Obstacle is the Way, is probably his most famous book. Get this book. Seriously.

Honourable Mentions

H1. Atomic Habits by James Clear

You already know this book would be here I guess. It is in virtually all bookstores on this planet. A very simple idea: small habits create big wins over time. I have learnt this from elsewhere before but this book does provide a few more angle looking into this little idea and a few proven ways to implement it. It has helped me in my personal life. A worth read, but if you are able to implement the idea in your life without reading the book, you might not need it.

H2. Everything is f*cked by Mark Manson

Read this one, not the one in Orange (The subtle art of not giving a f*ck). This book is way better than the Orange one. This book offers you a way to navigate the interesting world we are currently living in. When the world is getting crazier day by day, knowing how to interpret things become incredibly important. To be honest when I am writing this, I feel like this book could be put in the main list, instead of just honourable mentions. But let it be.

A book that is slightly overrated (in my humble opinion)

Factfulness by Hans Rolling

It is not that good… and definitely too long.

BONUS: For the Business-minded

Billion Dollar Brand Club by Lawrence Ingrassia:

The book illustrates how small (usually internet-based) companies disrupt the industry which were used to be dominated by the big players. If you are running a startup or thinking of starting one, this book shows you what you could be.

Unscripted by MJ DeMarco:

If you are thinking of starting your own business of some sort, read this, and thank me later. It is one of the moments that I remembered that changed my life. FYI, it is a long read. So be prepared.


With all these being said, I’ve got to go. Want to have a quick nap before going out.

Enjoy rest of your day, and keep, keep going my friend.