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Focus on Progress, not Proceeds

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The “modern day philosopher”, Ryan Holiday, said yesterday in an interview for the “High Performance Podcast“, that these days people focus so much on the resultsoutcomesproceeds, instead of the process and progress that they are making along the way, which is incredibly backwards and would be detrimental for achieving anything in life.

What he means is, people are often spending too much time dreaming about what they want to achieve (e.g. a six pack abs with strong, aesthetic build), or thinking about “why I am still not achieving this this or that yet”, which are all results, outcomes or proceeds, instead of putting their head down, doing the work (e.g. following a diet plan, working out consistently and let time does its magic), focussing on the process side of things, and make progress along the way. Focussing on the wrong thing would blind us from seeing how our daily work contributes to the big picture. Focus on Progress, not Proceeds.

A tall, skyscraper could never be built in one day. Instead, it took weeks and months and sometimes over years, to get it done. It was done by laying down one brick on another, day after day. You would not doubt yourself for not having the skyscraper built in one day, so why are you blaming youself for not able to achieve your big, ambitious goal today?

It is never too late. You can do it. I know it.