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There is no need to decide now (Must Read Story)

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(ft. Next-Gen Re Pillow)

I read the following story from a book by Derek Sivers, and figured that I must share this with you.

A new school was built, but one thing was still debated: where in the grass should we put the paved walkways? Some people thought the walkways should go around the grass, to leave it green. Some thougt the walkways should cut across diagonally.

One man suggested: Don’t make any walkways this year. At the end of the year, look where the grass has worn away. That shows where the students are walking. Then just pave those paths.


Human beings have a natural tendency to try to figure out everything in advance. But in fact, we, not having done that thing before, would never be 100% equiped anyways. The best time to make that decision is always later. You will never be wise enough and you will never be 100% sure what to do. And it is ok! The path will become clearer, naturally, over time, like the walkways in the grass in the story above.

Things will work out over time.

Further, many have the natural urge to push back the thing that we know we have to do for as long as possible. It is called procrastination. If we keep on debating and thinking and “preparing” on what exactly we should do, sooner or later our lives are going to pass us, and we have done nothing.

So start now. Figure out things on the way.

This story is so good I have to share it with you.