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This One Thought Makes You Happy NOW

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Hey, FYI, in case you don’t know. The world is pretty messed up. In fact, a book that I read recently is named “Everything is Fvcked”, which, albeit the great title, is in fact some good read.

BTW. That is not your typical book. That book is LONG, THICK… and very very satisfying, as you might already be able to tell.

Damn. Stop getting me distracted.

Now. What was I suppose to bring you today?


One thought that makes you happy.


Simple –> Start seeing everything as blessings.

Look. Why we feel pain is because we can’t put a positive spin when interpreting events.

We can’t interpret things positively.

To tackle this, just start seeing everything as blessings.

Blessings may not feel good right now but it will be so looking back in the future.

Interpret everything through this lens.

Got rejected? Great. It is a blessing for you because who knows, maybe that person is a terrible person once you know him/her better.

Busy and drown in work? Great. It is a blessing for you because you can really develop your skills.

Losing direction in life? Great. It is a blessing for you because you will soon have a major breakthrough.

The possibilities are endless.

Now I gotta go and do what I usually do at night.

Talk soon,