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Important Lesson (Must Read)

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Listening to an interview while working out this morning and there is something I just want to come up real quick and make a quick note about, I think this could help you.

So this comes from Ben Francis, the founder of probably the fastest growing company in the UK, GYMSHARK, in a recent interview (link here: and in the hour-long interview he talked about, how he does not want to identify with his weaknesses.

Identifying with weaknesses is very common among human beings. Some people, when they find themselves being weak at something, they would say “yeah I could not do this/ that, because I am not good at [insert any personal traits here].” “I am just not a [insert any personal traits here] person.”

This point is very very helpful. Ben Francis himself probably did not expect that this. While it is good (and truthfully a quality) to spot your own weaknesses, it is not good to go over the top and link yourself to that weakness.

Because that way, you can never improve.

You have already linked your identity to that particular weakness. Your subconscious will tell yourself no I can’t do this no I can’t do that, because I have this this this weakness. I am not a XXXX person.

Don’t do that.

Spot your weaknesses, but never identify with them.

Hope this helps!

Having exams very soon (first 2 weeks of January!)… so gotta go and keep on studying.

Please, use this information to your own benefit. I really hope that this could help you as well as this is very helpful for myself personally.

Ryan Leung.