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Instant Gratifications

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Hey. How are you doing?

I haven’t heard from you in a while. I hope you are doing fabulous because I care about you, my fellow, blog readers.

Oh BTW. I’ve recently learnt that reading is considered a VALUABLE skill now. Not many people can read something more than 50 words in 2021. My secretary told me that we have just passed 60 words. And you’re still here. Good. Good for you.

Anyways. Don’t get me distracted. Let’s get into today’s topic…

*pulling out a book from the shelf behind, turning back to facing you*

Just want to hop in real quick and deliver this tip to you. Here it is:

Instant Gratification = Guaranteed Pain.

Look –> Our generation has been spoiled with more instant gratifications than ever.

Going out? Uber.

Want something? Online shopping.

Want attention? Social media.

Hungry? Food Panda.

No money? Credit cards.

Everything is so easy. So instantly gratifying without much effort needed on our part. Services are so good that basically nearly everything you want can be delivered to your door at your will.

But all these instant gratifications are pain in disguise —— if you don’t be aware of their true nature.

Anything that is instantly gratifying with little effort on our part is guaranteed addiction.

For example, if you can get the same release of endorphins through taking heroine, why would you go through a sweaty, hard workout session? If heroine is legal with no negative side effects, people are going to take heroine left and right. We are just programmed to be addicted to things like these, and thats alright. Its human nature.

But addictions are no good. By the very definition, being addicted implied some form of reliance, with the pain of withdrawal. And, when you are being gratified you feel good, but without it, you feel worse than ever.

You relied on that good feeling too much. You expect to be gratified instantly, all the time. It has become a subconscious programming within you.

If you post a picture of you and get no likes, you feel bad. You constantly check on who viewed on your stories who liked your posts etc. etc.

You refresh the tracking page of your online shopping parcel far too often.

You want your food to be delivered at exactly the time you specified.

You are too used to being instantly gratified. You want everything your way, now.

And these create all sorts of pain inside us.

I know you are smart. Don’t be like the person I just mentioned above. Understand that things take time, understand that you might not be gratified right away.

Do not be addicted to the instant gratification cycle.

Hope that you are getting some value from the post.

Have a great day.

Ryan Leung

P.S. Recently I have been busy working on things. Head over there and have a look if you have time. PPS: It is not instantly gratifying. You will have to wait even if you order.

PPPS: Recently finished a book called “No one understands you and what to do about it” by Heidi Grant Halvorson. Good book. It is one of those few books that actually live up to its click-baity title. Recommended to people who want to improve their interpersonal relationships and gain a realistic view of human interactions.

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