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Interpretation is everything

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Hey my man. If life isn’t going on too well, you’ve got love from me.

I have love for my readers.

Some readers have send me messages expressing their love on my previous post “Comparison Creates Pain

Much appreciated.

I decided to share a bit more on pain.

Have you ever felt any negative emotions?

Do you know the internal negative emotions are not real?

Yes, by saying “not real”, I mean they don’t exist.

Understand for every emotion you feel, it is not about the thing itself, but it is about the interpretation you gave it.

You gave the fact a meaning with your interpretation.

For example: You see a snake in front of you –> you feel scared. Why? Because your unconscious mind will give the situation an interpretation: “oh no, this snake will bite me!!!”

With this interpretation, this meaning you give to the snake, you feel a rush of fear in your mind.

Unconscious interpretations are great. They help us to determine what to do next in a split second without consciously involving the mind, so our ancestors didn’t die in the mouth of tigers.

However, notice how it might be working against you.

In modern days there are no longer tigers.

And you know it deep inside — you’ve put too much negative interpretation to that matter. That matter you have been thinking in your mind.

That is why you feel sad/ afraid/ frightened, etc.

But without the interpretation, you won’t feel.

Now is the time we take control of our interpretation of things.

Interpret them well. Put a positive spin on them.

Now I am gonna leave you here.

Will be back real soon, real soon…