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Is Money Evil?

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Let’s cover something a little bit more controversial but interesting here today.

This thing… I have not really talked about this anywhere on this blog so… Let’s do this together shall we? It is our first time, I know… so let us do it slowly… slow… slow… slow.

I know… you want to have it now. You want it from me badly… but let me just play around and tease you a little bit longer… before I give it to you.

It is our first time, remember?

Now… Here you go…


Is money good or is money bad? Some people think money is evil while others argue that money could be used for the good as well. Some would argue that money change people – with money, many people become another, totally unrecognised person. So… What is money?

Here’s my take: Money is not good nor evil. Money simply amplifies who you really are.

Your true self. Amplified.

If you are good deep inside, you will use the money and do more good. If you are evil deep down, you will act more evil with more money.

Money is “Freedom Paper”. It gives you more freedom to be who you truly wanted to be all along. It opens up opportunities. It let you do things that were not possible for you before. With money, your true self would be amplified.

So no, money is not evil. And it is not changing anyone. The person who got more money, is just having more freedom to be who he wanted to be all along.

That’s my take on money.

I could be wrong, but that’s what I am currently believing in about money.