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It’s nearly halfway through 2022…

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It’s nearly halfway through 2022… How are you doing?

I have not heard from you in a while. How are you? There are ZERO messages from you. What are you working on right now? Are you content with your life?

This is a public service announcement:

We are nearly halfway through 2022.

Cold. Harsh. Truth.

You are not alone. I also feel like I could achieve more in the last few months as well. In fact, both of us could achieve more. The good news is we can. We are the writer of our own autobiography.

The founder of KFC (*yes, that fried chicken chain*) started KFC when he was 65, using the money from his monthly social security.

It’s never too late. Whatever you want to achieve this year, you can do it, starting today.

Someday we are older we will look back to year 2022 and we will see how we worked so hard and how our hard work has paid off.

Let’s go.

We can do this.

Ryan –> out

PS. I wanted to know how many people actually read these, if you are reading would you mind send me an email at

I will see you there.


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