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Keep on creating value for the world

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Dear reader,

It is April 2023 at the time of writing and I am feeling that things are getting rough. I know this would sound a bit like a rant but no whining, no complaints. This is the path that I chose and I am going to improve and I am going to have this growth mindset and keep on putting myself through all the challenges and just keep my head down to create value to our society.

I am fully aware that “money”, “success”, and “fame” are all external. And I am also fully aware that I may fail at the end. That is ok. But one thing that I am also aware is that, if I give up now, if I stop giving my all to the work, then I would not be able to contribute my part to this planet.

I read a lot of books on Stoicism and death. If you have read my blogs long enough, you know my philosophy. Because we are all going to die very soon, we should give our value to the world while we can.

And sometimes it broke my heart when people say things like my products are bad, or that they are completely not worth it. I gave my best. I did. And I do it with my best intentions. Never would I create something that I knew was bad, just to trick people and make money from it. I am in for the long game. If I am here for the quick buck, I would have done something else. There are so many ways that one can make money, creating products and spending months or even years to finesse it is definitely not a quick one.

Honestly, if I am here just to make money, I don’t have to write all those and these blogs (which I wanted to make them like a diary/ learning notes). But I do because I hope even if I failed one day, these could be something that people can read and learn from.

I know I might not be good enough, but I will keep going.