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My Philosophy

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I believe that every one of us serves a purpose on this planet – and that is to provide value to one another. Through our interactions, we provide value, good emotions to one another, in exchange for other value and good emotions for ourselves. You help someone with something, getting something you need in return. It is a positive loop and it’s all good. Whatever you do, always provide something of true value. I emphasise true because there are people who engage in very dubious activities. In relationships, it could be messing with other’s heart and emotions, being irresponsible, betrayals. In business, it could be scams.

While some might get away with it, do not do that. The universe rewards those who had a good code of conduct in the end.

Some might not see the rewards of being a good person doing the right thing, and the reason is that it is just not time yet. Hold on, I am with you.

Provide value and good emotions to other human beings. I recently read something I believe is OSHO’s book “Love, Freedom, Aloneness” that said that the reason why some people engage in bad behaviours is that they see the world as “Me vs rest of the world”, but instead a better way to see it is we are all together as a species. If we did something bad to others it is in fact hurting ourselves, because there is no “us vs them”. We are all together. Love others. Share love selflessly, because there is no self. We are all one, united thing.

Anyways that is all from me for the time being. The weather is great, but damn I am having a pretty bad headache.

Ryan Leung