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My secondary school years… (something for the younger ones)

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It has been a while I have wrote something. Recently I have been invited by a secondary school to give a talk to their students in the higher forms and it really brings me back to the days.

*pic of me giving that talk, thank you for having me*

It brings me back to my secondary school days.

So I wanted to take this opportunity to share more about my life in secondary school.

I was never something that is super popular. In fact, I was always working on my own things. Back then, my favourite hobby is reading tech news, Engaget, the Verge, Android Police… that kind of sites. I read them daily.

I have sort of a little routine back then. After school, I would go home, lie on my bed and read these tech news for half an hour, sometimes even hours.

I enjoy them very much.

I would also look online on how to make my computer faster, and looks better. (look at the attached pic at the top).

That’s how I spent my time.

Back then, the boys in my class are always talking about online games, football, etc. and I was never able to join their conversations. This troubled me a lot at that time because I feel like I could not fit in. No one talked about tech and I have no one to share this passion with. I do have friends but I just, could not get into that “circle” of guys that would play online games together and talked about sports news.

I was quite troubled by this back then. I have tried to read some sports news and tried to get into the circle but I really could never keep up with those. I did not have that passion to keep up with them.

Just wanted to put this out there because I know, maybe, someone out there reading this is facing the same. You have me. I am here for you. I understand.

So you just be you! Do your thing and never feel ashamed of your own hobby or habit. I wrote this out of love for you because I wanted to support you.

The hobby you have, might one day changed your career and your life as well.

I am just blessed and so thankful for this.

Attached my first ever start-up(?). Back in 2010/11 I created an app called BMI+. And this is the Facebook page to it.

No one download that app at all, just FYI haha.



Ryan –> out.