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2021 (My Transformation Over the Years)

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News Flash: Your man Ryan did not die in the coronavirus pandemic.

Rather, he has been taking a long break.

A long long break from this blog posting thing.

(Gosh! Did he forget all his beloved readers here?)

No. He did not. In fact, that is exactly why he is writing this to you.

A picture is worth a thousand words…

Let us have a look what the old pictures are giving us here: (opening up old files… click… click…)

Here’s his transformation over the last 4 years from 2017…  Though not super impressive, the change is visible.

I have also learnt a lot in the process. From nutrition to training to balancing all these with life.

One really important principle, probably the most important of all, is don’t give up.

To further elaborate it, I mean you should not stop what you have been doing when the results are not that good yet.

Sometimes things take time.

Make sure you are moving in the right direction (tip #1: Google for basic fat loss and muscle building principles, tip #2 ask people who know this stuff), and do not sweat over the details.

Just keep going. Keep on doing what is right. Don’t stop.

Think baby chicks hatching. They have to keep on hitting the eggshell with their weak little beaks until the egg breaks. But before then, it is dark inside. There is no sign of hope. But the chicks keep on hitting the eggshell, over and over again, until finally light shines through a little hole. And everything gets easier after that.

From my experience, fitness is the same.

But that is just my opinion though.

I am not an expert and you can do whatever you want to do.

Just some food for thoughts.

Would be sharing more on this later.

Ryan (Happy 2021) Leung

P.S. Lemme give you a picture from the age of the dinosaurs for reference as well: