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The One Page Bias

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Today I want to share a mental bias that people have, so that you can gain awareness of it and actually see this in other people and not fall pray to it.

This is called the “One Page Bias”. It literally states that people overestimate the effect of one single event that is happening right now, at this moment, and underestimate the effect of things in the long term. You can see this often times people get caught up in the day to day happenings, and they never been able to see the big picture clearly. This is only ONE PAGE in your 10,000 pages biography. It doesn’t matter.

This is a side effect of living at the “effect” side of life, being the one thinking that “this happens to me”, “that happens to me”. This is such a big problem happening to me right now. While I would not say this is wrong, I will say it would be more beneficial to us if we shift the paradigm and live at the “cause” side. You are the one in the driving seat. You make things happen. What we are experiencing right now is somehow connected to what we did in the past, the decisions we made some time in the past. Now focus on the present moment. Be a cause, not an effect. Seeing it that way would help you a lot.

Hope this help.


P.S. The image. Really like how this looks. Clean and neat. Featuring my clothes and the new Re Pillow Co. Box. Spent quite some time taking this picture.