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This thing is called Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, it looks a lot like Mickey Mouse only that it isn’t. In fact, it is a character that Walt Disney created right before the massive success of the now world-famous Mickey Mouse. 

Now a little back story: At that time, Walt Disney was an illustrator, and he drew cartoons for the newspapers and advertisers. He was trying to make a living drawing little cartoons. 

Walt poured his heart and soul into creating Oswald. 

Oswald was somewhat popular, but it was never a huge success. Walt kept going. 

Mickey Mouse was released a year after Oswald, and it has been much liked by the public. The rest is history. 

Last few months have been busy but it was much needed. I will take my break after all the work has been completed, but before then, I will keep going. And I am not going to let things slip away anymore.