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PERSONAL Movie Note: Becoming Warren Buffet

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It’s the first day of the new Chinese Year but because of a flu that I caught a few days ago, I could not attend the family lunch gathering with the cousins from my mother side so I decided to wake early and watch the movie: Becoming Warren Buffet (2017). It is a great short piece and outlined his life.

But the one thing that caught my attention and honestly is the best takeaway for me is a little segment in the movie where Warren’s family told the reporter that Warren was always working, and even if he is not physically working, his mind is always on some sort of ideas and would love to go back to work instead of spending time fully with the family. For the longest time, I also have this problem. I think it is not unique to us but it probably happens to you too! Now as we see, Warren also got this problem. So you know what this means? It means we are good, it is ok to be a what they called “Workaholic” <— I dislike this word as it sort of has a negative implication to it, but you get what I mean.

Now we have the permission from Warren himself, let’s keep working!

PS. Happy New Year, and have a great year of the rabbit!