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Play Safe vs Growing

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“Hola!” This is Ryan saying hello in Spanish.

Recently been reading this book called “Mindset” by Carol S. Dweck….. and let’s just say it’s a good book and let me save you some time by summarising this book for you…

This book is built around one idea: successful people have a “Growth Mindset”. Other people generally have a “Fixed Mindset”

Successful people succeed because they are constantly looking for growth, for areas of improvement in themselves or their businesses. They do not care about achievements at all. All they care is constant growth. This is a Growth Mindset.

Typical people care about their achievements, and build their ego and identity from what they achieved. Because of this mindset, they don’t want to have failures. They avoid them subconsciously. That’s why, they are generally less likely to take risks. This is a Fixed Mindset.

In the book, the author reminds the readers of the risk of losing important life opportunities if they are choosing the latter mindset. (Dammm! I sound sophisticated every time I use the word latter)

Personally, I think the two contrasting mindsets should be better understood as a scale between two polarities. Our age, childhood, life experiences, income level, situation we facing, stage of our lives… would all affect what kind of mindset we adopt.

However, in life, I think it would be beneficial to always be a little bit more advantageous than what we are comfortable with. Obviously we should not be those hypebeast emptying their bank accounts and max out their credit cards on the latest kicks, yet we also shouldn’t fall into the trap of being complacent.

Anyways. That’s for me today.

Ryan Leung —> Adiós

This is the meaning of “Adiós”.
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