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Political Philosophy (A Recent Read)

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I recently took some time off from work and read a book I bought a few years ago from a local second hand book store – 政治的道德 by 周保松

I really enjoy rational, deep discussions on topics like the definition of freedom, democracy in different contexts, value of democracy, fundamental human rights, government powers etc. I don’t think these are topics that we should avoid, or topics that are too complicated for us to spend some time and ponder upon. After all, if we do not spend some time to think about them, we might not be able to see things happening around us clearly. We might be easily swayed by the media or latest government propaganda.

I think while we might not be getting things right most of the time on topics like this, it is still good to think about it and exchange thoughts on them with people, preferably people that are very different from you and open-minded. It is only then that we can push the human race forward.

It is foolish to hold blind faith in a “democratic system” or a “authoritarian government” without question. It is only by questioning and challenging the status quo that things could improve. Some people might be highly offended when someone questions their believes when it comes to politics, that is not an educated response. Aristotle wrote, “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” Meaning that as educated being, we should be able to stand in the other person’s shoe and consider their ideas without having to accept them.

As a business person, I should no write too much on these, but I genuinely hope our society and world as a whole can be a more accepting place for more rational discussions on politics and society. After all, we are all living in them and are affected by them daily. I hope the world could be a better place for our future generation.

This piece is quite unlike my other pieces. But hope you enjoyed it.