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Power of Compounding (the Secret to Steven Bartlett’s success)

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Finished the book “Happy Sexy Millionaire” this week. Such a good book, though it might not be what you would expect from the title of it.

Steven, the author of the book, said that he got questions from people a lot, and many of them are essentially asking the same question:

“Steven, what is your secret to success?”

Steven got this everyday.

He usually won’t answer this question, because he could not boil down his achievements in life into one or two words.

But in this book, he said he took the time to really think about what caused his success.

Power of compounding.

That’s the secret.

Compounding, means you do something simple regularly, consistently, and then after a period of time, time will do its work, and when you look back, you have in fact made a lot of progress.

The results would be exponential.

I could not agree more with Steven. I think in life there are smarter and better ways to do things, but there are no absolute best ways to do things, nor there are no ways to do things that would absolutely guarantee failure. The point is not about the actual way you are taking, but you believing in yourself and do the thing consistently.

Do the thing you know will help you consistently. Don’t doubt yourself.

Let time, aka the power of compounding do its work.

Sure, if what you are doing consistently in fact is making you further away from your goal, quit. But if it is the right thing to do, just do it consistently.

Steven also called this power of compounding “The Eighth Wonder of the World”.

Contrary to popular belief, I also have doubts what future holds for me too. But I also keep putting in the work.

Why shouldn’t you? Let’s go. We have a long way to go.


Bonus Tip: Start early. Steven Bartlett said start early.

Bonus Tip 2 (VERY important): The reason why most people never do this consistency thing is that because it’s results are often too small to be noticeable, and therefore we don’t value them. Steve Bartlett said and I quote, “You have to want your success enough and enjoy the process enough to be willing to believe in and work for it, potentially for years, without actually being able to see it compounding.” I think that speaks a lot about this whole consistency thing.