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Quick Reminder: Step back from the day-to-day

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Dear Reader,

If you are working at a job or even for your own business, you would love the following piece here. It might be the best article you have ever read on this site or even the best article you have read in this year. Anyway, enough teasing around, let’s get into it.

Wanted to bring up something that many of us might miss (me included), is the importance to take a step back from our daily work once in a while, and do the following:

NOTE: Some people might find this scary, or even offensive. Do not read beyond this line unless you are ready.

Here’s what you are going to do when you get yourself out of your day to day:

With a fresh pair of eyes, we will review our own everyday lives, the direction we are heading, and ask ourselves: Am I happy? Is this what I want to see myself doing down the road? Is what I am doing what I enjoy? What am I trying to achieve and is what I doing every day bringing me closer to it?

The answer might be scary, but be honest with yourself.

I learnt this the hard way, that is, through not being able to reflect sooner. I was spending too much time doing things that could be done in smarter ways, in a more efficient manner. I was focusing on the wrong things, not having sight of the big picture.

So please, do not follow my mistakes. Reflect once in a while.