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Richard Branson – one of the men that changed my life

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It has been a very stressful week for me.

You may or may not know, by the time I was writing this, I am still 2 months shy of completing my PCLL study at the University of Hong Kong. PCLL is a year-long post-graduate study for law students who would like to practice law in Hong Kong. It has been very hard for me as Re Pillow Co., my beloved baby, is also gaining traction.

But that is enough for the “study stress” thing, let’s get to the point. Because I want you to get something out of reading this.

Let’s talk about Richard Branson.

Back in March 2019, when I started this little blog, I was reading this book by Richard Branson.

This is a very thin book, just about 100 pages, font size 12, you can finish it within one or two days. But this book, like many others, changed my entire life.

Richard Branson is a courageous man. Because of his courage to be different, his courage to do what others won’t do, he has lived one of the most incredible lives that a man can ever imaged.

Just to get the point across: last year, at the age of 70, he went to space.

He is also the man that founded a record company, a spaceship company, an airline, a gym chain, a media group, a wine comapny… I can’t even list them all here because of the limited space.

Had he ever fail? Yes.

Had he made mistakes before? Yes.

Did he give up? No.

He lives bold. He has his eyes on the longer term vision, the bigger goals, the things that people think are not possible. He might get failures, speed bumps, really really really hard times, but he kept going. He understands that these are not permanent. Everything comes and everything goes. This is the fact of life. He can see this even when there are clouds and rains and really messed up troubles. Meanwhile, many people out there can’t see through the troubles in front of them, and are scared to take bold actions. They might even get upset about getting a little bit of stain on their t-shirts.

Do you think Richard Branson ever got a bit of stain on his t-shirt? Yes of course! But do you think he would get upset about this little stain, and just want to go home and get changed as soon as possible, leaving all the work behind?

By reading this book, you really get a sense of perspectives. You really can feel how small our problems are in front of this man. I still remember that it been an eye-opening read for me back in the days.

We all got our problems to deal with. Take charge of the situation and don’t get caught up in them. Think about Richard Branson. How would he handle this?

I am so grateful I have read this book, and many others as well.

Keep going.


Recommended Book: Screw it, Let’s do it. by Richard Branson