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Risks = Rewards

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I will keep this short as I am typing it on my phone.

Truth: “If we are not taking risks, we are purposely withholding ourselves from the rewards life has to offer.”

More risks we take. More rewards we will get. 

For risks that we took which didn’t work out, great, we will get the reference experience, the lesson, and the growth from them. 

For the risks that worked out – we get rewards and this is obviously great too. 

If we take 10 risks, the chance of getting rewards is much higher than that if we take 5 risks. 

If we do not take any risks, we are guaranteed that we won’t get any rewards. 

This truth – You will want to keep it to your heart. 

Of course if we took risks and those didn’t work out, and we got kicked by life – we still grow because of it.

We still gain from it. Don’t forget this. Understand receiving negative feedback is part of life and cannot be avoided.

Getting kicked by life doesn’t mean don’t take any risks. The meaning hasn’t changed.

The truth is still the more risks you take, the more rewards you will receive. 

The next time you took risk and got kicked, you keep taking risks. Because in between those, you are getting way more rewards with the risks you take.

More risks you take = more rewards you receive.  

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