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Our Way

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Pic: Throwback to the days I take the product shots of the first generation Re Pillow on my own bed…

Re Pillow Co. (RPC) might on the face of it looks very similar to other bedding companies in the industry… but we are not. The way we do business is completely different. There are a lot of secrets that I could not write here because I just do not want our competitors copy our way.

But one major difference is everything we do, we do it for the long term. We don’t rush for the short term profits. Other brands might expand their product range quickly, buying mediocre products from manufactures, stick their brand label on it, so as to monetise their customers as much as possible, we don’t. Some brands run “limited time flash sales” and “exclusive offers” year round so as to trick people into buying, we don’t.

Because I want to build a brand that our customers can be proud of. I want to sell only the things that I myself love and proud of. I believe the brand should be as authentic as it gets. I believe everything is long term in the game and I don’t want to look back on some stuff I just can’t explain.

It is very tempting to do things for the short term money. You know it is proven to work. But this is not the way of life.

I firmly believe the “long term way relationship” way is the way brands should be in the future.

The brand GYMSHARK was also built this way. And I was really inspired by their story: 20 year old Ben Francis, a University boy, also a part time pizza delivery boy, built GYMSHARK in his parents’ garage after school. The brand was also always forward thinking, investing in the future instead of the present. Always betting on things. Always taking risks in new products. Investing in things that for their scale should not have conventionally. It has grown to be one of the biggest brands in the fitness industry in just a few years.

Huge inspiration. Wear their clothes all the time. Even right now while I am typing this.

That’s all from me today.