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Self Doubts (plus some recent new knowledge from a new book)

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If I tell you a secret, would you promise to keep it for me? Like, just between you and me here. Promise? Good.

The recent launch of Re Pillow 2 (on 2 August) was great. People receiving their pillows love them, some even say it’s the best pillow they have ever slept on and they have tried many even those costing a few thousands HKD. People love their Re Pillow 2s a lot and I am so happy about this. What isn’t so great is that there are still people hesitating, and this has sort of caused some self doubts in me. People who got the pillow love the pillow, that’s for sure. But how can I quash through the resistance of those who still did not pull the trigger and get their pillows? They will love it.

It is very frustrating for me personally (especially knowing how good the feedback are) but I will keep on trying.

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I am currently reading the book Unscripted (2017) by MJ DeMarco. And one thing he talked about in the book is a mental bias called the survivor bias. In a nutshell, it means that we make problematic judgments because of overlooking some relevant factors that cannot be seen. For example, we see those who got rich because of a investment decision made years ago (eg buying Tesla’s stock) in the news, and we automatically think investments in stock can make us rich. Now that might could be true  however it should not be ignored that there are many many stocks out there that looks like the next Tesla today, but become worthless in a few years’ time.

Happens in life all the time.

Anywyss. Gotta go.



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