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Small Leaks Sink Big Ships

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As Re Pillow Co. grows, things are getting harder and harder to manage. There could be leaks everywhere as we are growing and I could not be personally attending to everything. For example, I have discovered parts in our customer service that could have been done better, to make our customers feel better. Of course, luckily, these problems are not fatal in any means but they are just not as good as I would like them to be. It is not perfect. It hurts me when I see this as I can feel how the customers may feel.

One more thing that I keep coming back to is the saying “Small leaks sink big ships”. If I let things slip, it may get well out of control over time as there could be more and more these little leaks.

As a business grows there would be more and more parts of it that I cannot personally do or attend to. I have to trust someone to supervise these for me.

It is getting harder and harder for me.

But I will keep going.

This is the diary of this journey.