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This is the sports of business

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Back when I was in uni I sort of know I want to have my own business… but I was never sure. The thought of working alone without a stable paycheck sounds scary to my 20 year old self. It’s not possible! I thought to myself I can probably do it on the side but it can’t be my all. No way. I need a job and financial security. But then I read books like the 10X rule, NO BS Weath Attraction, Millionaire Fastlane, E-Myth, addicted to podcasts like Business Wars, Diary of a CEO… and got attracted to brand stories around the world. All of a sudden the whole “run my own business thing” seems possible.

I was studying in the daytime, and immersing myself into the business world at night time. It was so fun! I started multiple websites and projects just because it was fun to me. (Of course, none of those make any money at all but it was just so fun that I can’t pull myself out of it)

I don’t really tell anyone about it because all of these doesn’t seem “cool” at that time. it’s just me, with my business / self-help / psychology books, and my laptop.

These days having a start up sound much more “cool” and there are all sorts of funding that one can get with their ideas. But to be honest, I think that has sort of twisted the whole thing. Business should be about the pursuit of the fun and handling of all the challenges that comes with it. If you do it for the money, one day when the money is not coming in you will quit. Do it for the fun. For the sports of business.