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Stay (Summing up my 2023)

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Wanted to come up real quick and type this piece before 2024 comes.

In this piece I am going to talk about what I discovered as the only way that would guarantee success, in any domains — life, learning, business, work, you name it.

If I have to takeaway something from 2023, this would be it.

Before we begin, can we take a moment to thank you for being here?

I might not have met you before but by the magic of the internet, you are here and I am grateful for that. In this blog you will find book notes, random quotes, bad English and more! Straight from me. I have been regularly writing these for my own record and to hopefully inspire the next generation for a few years now.

Back to today’s topic, the only way that would guarantee success in any domains.


Stay and stick to your field. This is the only way.

Now. When humans face problems and challenges, we are psychologically programmed to incline towards finding ways to escape from the problem — it could be changing to another company, telling yourself that is not your responsibility or fault, quitting what you do… that is completely not your fault as it is just your “reptilian complex” responding to such situation. The “reptilian complex” is a part of the brain that controls the basic responses and low level calculations and thinking, think how we would scream right away, without thinking, when a football hit our faces.

Challenges and problems equate pain to our primal brains. In other words, these problems would feel exactly the same like we are burnt by fire to our “reptilian complex”. So in order to protect ourselves, our “reptilian complex” would release chemicals to ourselves and tell you, hey! this is no good, you have to get out of it as soon as possible!

Now while this is done with the best intention, it is definitely not good for you and your success.

Here’s why:

Life is incredibly short and in order to maximise your success in anything, you have to spend time in that field and learn the inside out of that field. If you are young, like 15, 18, yes go ahead and jump between different fields, at that moment of life, I believe it is beneficial for you to get a taste of everything (or what I would refer to as “jump into the buffet of life”). However, as you have progressed further in life, it would be better for you to develop yourself further in one field.

Now. It might be incredibly hard at the beginning (I am going through it right now). And other options might seem like more “instantly gratifying” –> very tempting!

But for the long term, it is most beneficial for you to stay.

As long as that is not the wrong field for you to begin with. If y0u have had success (even small) in that field before, probably that is not a wrong field for you. You are just facing hiccups, and you should not fall prey to the mental fallacy of our primal brains.

Hope this helps.

R. Leung –> Out.