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Story of the Fisherman & the Boy

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Once upon a time there was an old fisherman, fishing alone near the coast.

Apparently he was one of the better fishermen — he had a bucket full of fish next to him.

A boy passed by and stopped right next to him. He did not say anything. He was just staring at the bucket of fish next to the old fisherman. His eyes never moved away from the bucket.

The old fisherman said, “you can have my bucket of fish, little kid.”

The boy said, “no, I would rather have the fishing rod.”

Old fisherman replied, “ok, here you go.”

The boy thought he was so smart, taking the rod instead of the bucket of fish. He ran away quickly with the fishing rod.

He thought he got it.

But he was completely ignorant to all the skills that are required for fishing. The rod was just a tool. There are so much more to fishing than just the rod. The old fisherman was able to catch a lot of fish was not just because of the rod. The skills and experiences that the old fisherman had, were in fact what gave him all those fish, not the fishing rod.

Don’t be that boy.

Look. In this world everyone have the tools, but the tools are not what could give you success. The work, the skills — those are what really matter.

E.g. Everyone in school attended the same lessons and was given the same books, but their exams result are different.

Of course talent always play a role but, at the same time, some choose work hard, while others go to take a break, enjoy themselves, they think they are smart and they “have got it”.

Another e.g.: You can basically find all the information you need to eat healthy and stay in shape on the Internet, but only a few could really achieve it.

It is not the tools/ information that matter.

I have once read a quote “If all everyone need is information, then everyone would be a billionaire with a six-pack.”

You have got this.

Hope this fisherman and boy story can inspire you a little.

Ryan –> done