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Success and Failures

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I like to listen to interviews of people while I am sort of doing something but not doing something, e.g. walking, working out on a treadmill etc.

This morning I listened to Mr. 黃傑龍 talking about what he thinks success and failures are. Very interesting perspectives. He says,

“I feel like how our society defines success and failures are way off from the reality… Success and failures in our society are defined in a way that it seems like they are far off from each other, like people will say this man is successful, while this woman is not, so on and so forth. This could not be further from the reality. Success and failures, in my opinion, are just phases that we all will experience in life. Sometimes you will be doing better, and hence “successful”, if you would like to put it that way, while other times you will be hitting your lows, experiencing your “failures”. In our lives, we will all have success and failures. They are not that far off! People met you at your highs might think you are “a successful person”, but that is just because they happened to not meet you at your lows.”

This man could have been a philosopher. Or he can write some self-help books on these topics. But truthfully, well said. I feel like there are too much ego attaching to the words success and failures — they are just labels! A “successful person” would have his failures as well, while a person that people might see as a “failure” surely has his success in life as well, and success and failures are not forever. They are non-permanent. They come and go, like wind. So I think it may be better for us to identify less with these terms and just keep putting in the work, and live our lives.

Image: Oct, 2019, Singapore.