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The little you vs the BIG you

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I have been thinking and in fact experiencing this in my life for the last few weeks, and just want to “instill” this in your mind, as I believe this would be very beneficial to you.

Let’s begin.

oh by the way, this photo was taken last Christmas… gosh I miss Christmas.

Just FYI, Winter is my favourite season. If you like summer more than winter, I don’t know if we can talk anymore. Seriously, maybe you should think about this again. Winter is definitely more superior.

Anyways. You seem to have this tendency to distract me from getting the point across. I hate you. We are here not to talk about the seasons! Let’s begin.

The little you vs the BIG you.

In every decision making moment, there are always a little you and the BIG you. For example, you want to get fit, lose some fat. Great. But when it is dinner time, the little you will tell you, in your mind, “just get whatever available and easy, Burgers and Fries? With Coke? You have been craving those for quite some time, you’ve been working hard you deserve a little treat for yourself.”

But the BIG you will tell you, “no. You need to stick to your diet. Oats and Chicken Breast. That is what you should get. It is hard. It is not easy. But you should do that.”

In another important career/business decision, the little you will try to convince you, “just do what’s less demanding and less risky. Do things that are safe. Don’t take risk. Don’t put yourself out there. It’s dangerous. Why not take a easy, proven path?” 

But the BIG you will tell you, “deep down you know and I know, you can risk more do more. Yes you might lose it all. You might even end up broke and bankrupt, even you work a few times harder than others. But you know you are destined to do that. If you don’t do it, you will live a life of regrets.”

My man.

Follow the BIG you.

Take risk. Do what’s not easy. Bring the best of yourself out there. Do what’s not comfortable.

You’ve got this.

Ryan L.

P.S. Nobody is perfect. I myself would also fall prey to listing to the little you once in a while. But do not succumb to it. Do not surrender. Remember there is always the BIG you inside of you.