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The Millionaire Fastlane (SNAPPY book note)

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Been reading the book “The Millionaire Fastlane” by MJ DeMarco (a millionaire himself) for the last several days. Half way through it and just want to make a quick note for you.

This shouldn’t be something new for you but in case it is, don’t worry ‘bout it coz your bro is here for you, summarising, distilling the most important ideas from books for you.

Notice that we are two paragraphs in the blog post but I still haven’t shared the idea from the book with you:-)

Because man, I don’t want to give out these ideas so freely, it is reserved for self-investing, knowledge-hungry, action-taking people like you. Not info-junkies who just jumping around on the internet, finding the latest seemingly wise ideas without taking any actions on them and having any real urge to become better.


Enough talking.

Here’s the idea from the book.

Mr. DeMarco suggested that for one to become a true millionaire, he has to (or she, fellow politically correct police), he has to be patient. Results and successes don’t come on Day 1, or Day 6, or even Day 60. You have to keep working on it even though you might not see the light of the day.

But how long you might ask?

Years. According to Mr. DeMarco, unless you are some gifted athletes, musicians or celebrities, successes most likely come in 5-10 years.

Now maybe you are more talented, and successes come sooner. But for most of the others, 5-10 years.

And that is you work on it, hard, every single day.

Anyways. That’s for me today.

Gonna enjoy the summer sun and the beach.


Ryan Leung