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The Most Valuable Skill in Life

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The most valuable skill in life, is to keep learning.

Most people left school at their twenties, and stopped learning by then.

Things could not get worse than that. I think you cannot be fully blamed for not learning beyond your twenties, because the school system indeed has contributed to this by making learning quite uninteresting and stressful for many, so that many have associated negative emotions with the act of learning throughout their school years. However, you, as the person in the driver seat of your life, also have to step up and take responsibility for this. Learning is critical my friend. If you do not learn new skills, new knowledge, and how to become better, after a few years, you will get caught up in the day to day, the news carnival and basically be having the same boring days every single day, doing the same thing, seeing the same people you don’t really want to see everyday.

You cannot give yourself a higher overview of your life and of your day to day, so as to escape this scary trap.

I am really hoping that we can all learn more and become even better persons.

That’s all from me today.